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Real Estate Development – A Better Way to Build

Precision Helps Owners and Developers Build Better Projects

When starting a project there are so many unknowns. You have a plan but there are still a lot of questions left to answer. What is the best use for the site? Which construction methods make the most sense? Exactly how much is this all going to cost? How long will it be before you can break ground? And how long will construction take?

It’s almost impossible to have answers to all of these questions so early on – but your capital partners demand them. Whether you need help building out your proforma, dealing with problematic site conditions, value engineering your design, soliciting bids or managing construction – Precision is here to help.

Our goal is to develop a detailed understanding of your project – its potential pitfalls as well as opportunities for savings – and then transfer that knowledge to you. We foster a collaborative approach to project planning and management and we believe that better information leads to better results. Stay ahead of the curve with valuable insights on costs, scheduling and constructability issues from Precision. Design better projects with tighter budgets and impress your financing partners by having answers to all of those tough questions before they’re even raised. Execute your big idea without all the sleepless nights…because you planned for this.

We help forward-thinking developers address project planning issues head on. We specialize in helping our clients to understand feasibility and constructability issues during the design phase – so they can make better design decisions that reduce costs and speed up construction. We work with architects and engineers to value engineer their designs with an eye toward improved constructability We maintain an extensive nationwide database of pre-qualified contractors and streamline the bidding process by fine-tuning all scopes so the bids you receive are easy to understand and compare with one another. And if you need help managing the project – we have you covered there too. There really is a better way – the Precision way. Let us show you.