West Pad Landing Zone

  • West Pad Landing Zone


Precision provided cost consulting for the fast-tracked design and construction of the world’s first rocket landing facility constructed on Terra Firma.  The project included erosion control, surveying and staking, clearing and grubbing; cut/fill of 18,500 CY to establish rough grade, 12,850 SF of geo–grid for soil stabilization and reception of engineered fill; 1,680 SF of structural retaining walls, underground utilities including storm drain, water/fire and dry utilities, concrete curb, gutter and mobile crane aprons; 14,850 SF of 4″ paving over 13″ aggregate base, a structural bridge over existing underground bunkers, and water cannons surrounding the landing site. The landing facility itself also consisted of a 300’ diameter landing pad with FONDAG coating for thermal shock resistance, a transfer crane, as well as a rocket test-fire apparatus.

Location: Vandenberg Air Force Base, California

Category: Aerospace & Transportation