Historic Chattanooga National Guard Armory Restoration

  • Historic Chattanooga National Guard Armory Restoration


Precision provided detailed design development and construction document cost estimates for this historic building restoration project. The most significant project scope included the exterior repair and interior renovation of the historic armory building, also referred to as “The Readiness Center”. In order to assess the cost of the repairs and restoration, Precision’s estimating team had to understand what would be required by Tennessee’s Historical Commission / the National Historic Preservation Act. It was determined that the exterior repairs would require use of masonry dutchman repair techniques to select, remove, and replace unsatisfactory stones, window lintels, and sills throughout the building. Due to the low number of qualified contractors for this scope of work, interviews with specialized contractors were required to understand the costs associated with the work, since no database cost would be reflective of the work.

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Category: Civic & Public Works