Precision Team Member Spearheads a Design-Build Revival

In June 2019, Precision Estimating Services’ Cost Estimator, Sitora Vaxidova completed a two-year long project at her local university, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California. The project entailed the design and construction of a 120 square foot observation deck in the well-known canyon behind the university campus. The project now towers 12 feet above the ground and has a shade structure and seating for local passerby. However, the structure was only part of the vision for the project. Sitora had the ideological goal to support hands-on learning for students.

California Polytechnic State University — commonly referred to as Cal Poly, SLO — has a long tradition of design and construction in the canyon. The first structure was built by Cal Poly students in 1963 and the area was intended to showcase student projects — many of which were experimental. More than 20 structures exist at the site, which was once populated by student caretakers. Due to a lack of funds and support, the last student caretakers moved out eight years ago and many of the structures fell into disrepair or were victims of vandals. Today, the canyon is often referred to as the “Architecture Graveyard”. Sitora and her team sought to move beyond the area’s history and reignite a passion for unique building projects.

Sitora Vaxidova, Construction Cost Estimator at Precision Estimating Services, company headshot.

“My goal was to inspire students to bring the creativity and hard work back to Poly Canyon. Decades ago, the canyon was alive with experimental design and construction concepts. It was truly ‘hands-on learning’ in a very meaningful way. I hoped by being the first, I could inspire others to reignite the tradition,” said Sitora Vaxidova. “While working at Precision throughout the course of the project, I was able to apply many of the skills I was learning as a cost estimator. My structural engineering background, combined with my understanding of pre-construction planning, really helped make this project a success.”

Sitora and her classmates began the journey of designing and engineering the structure in the spring of 2017 and was completed in June 2019. The project was completed entirely by volunteer efforts and funded by generous donations by friends, family and university grants.

Precision is so proud of Sitora and her passion to support her community and future generations of architecture, engineering and construction students. At work, Sitora is an invaluable team member with a wide breadth of project experience. Her roles typically include project-specific quantity surveying, analysis, cost engineering, and direct support for all pre–construction activities. Sitora is a committed team member who provides a thoughtful and detailed approach to each project she serves.