Precision team members at the AIA conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

AIA ’19 Overall Experience

The Precision Estimating Services team had a hugely successful booth at this year’s American Institute of Architect’s (AIA) Conference, which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. There were over 20,000 people in attendance, including architects, material suppliers, out-of-the-box thinkers, and design pioneers. This year’s theme was “Blueprint for a Better Future – Designing a better future means taking on the critical challenges facing cities – and our world – today.”

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Precision Estimating Services SWAG

Day 1 of AIA 2019

Insight after Day 1 of the AIA ’19 Conference

Day one at the AIA Conference was a huge success! Precision Estimating Services, the only cost consultant in attendance, was represented by Karl Vaillancourt, Taylor Messer, Brittney Viboch and Erik Wright. The team reported significant interest from the design community after spending the day meeting with a diverse group of architecture professionals from all over the country. Project topics included theme parks, prisons, zoos, schools and more! Keep an eye out for the next posting to hear how day two went!

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Construction and Development

Real Estate Development – A Better Way to Build

Precision Helps Owners and Developers Build Better Projects

When starting a project there are so many unknowns. You have a plan but there are still a lot of questions left to answer. What is the best use for the site? Which construction methods make the most sense? Exactly how much is this all going to cost? How long will it be before you can break ground? And how long will construction take?

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Construction and Development

Construction Financing – Getting Rid of the Guesswork

Precision Helps Lenders and Investors Mitigate Risk and Structure Better Deals
by Karl Vaillancourt, Director of Analytics & Lender Relations at Precision Building Group

The financing of Construction & Development (“C&D”) projects is extremely risky. During the Great Recession, delinquency rates for C&D loans averaged 18% – more than 3x the typical rate for commercial mortgages during the same period1. As a result, probabilities of default and the losses resulting from those defaults were also the worst in the industry2. Add in the costs of protracted workouts and the negative impacts for lenders and investors were magnified even further.

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Construction and Development

Modular Construction – The Future is Now

How Modular Construction Reduces Costs and Environmental Impacts.

It is a sad fact that construction results in unbelievable amounts of waste. This stream of waste is not just from new construction, but also from the remodeling and repurposing of existing structures. Moreover, it is reported that the construction industry has experienced a 15% decrease in the productivity of workers in the last 50 years. Statistics like this provide an opportunity to rethink how we look at construction and the best way to accomplish the goals of (1) decreasing environmental impacts and (2) shortening project timelines while, (3) benefiting the bottom line.

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